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World city starting with D? Airline starting with B? Pizza topping with M? In this interactive video chat we'll sit down and play the fun and easy "Categories" game in English - with varied, creative and (almost) absurd categories. This being a social game, you'll also get to know fellow expat players from around the world. Hilarious misunderstandings guaranteed - Book now!

How it works: For each round, 12 categories and 1 letter will be defined. After that, all players (or teams) take 3 minutes to note down words starting with this letter and fitting aforementioned categories. After time is up, all 12 categories will be read again while players input their words into the Zoom chat window. For each unique answer you will score 1 point, disputed answers will be validated via insta-voting. After all three rounds, scores wil be added up and one lucky winner will be announced.

10:30am Welcome & game rules
10:40am Newcomer intro
10:50am Game warmup
11:00am Game round 1*
11:15am Game round 2*
11:30am Game round 3*
11:45am Score count and feedback
12:00pm End

* small teams might be arranged depending on total players

Requirements: Webcam, fluent English and passion for social games. Please prepare pencil + paper and snacks/drinks for yourself. Again, this is a game: Feel free to crack jokes and (respectfully) have fun with other players.

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  • Wij spelen: Categories
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  • zaterdag, 21 mei 2022, 10:30-12:00 PDT
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